Corporate Responsibility

The success of Pekin & Pekin depends on how the Firm acts together and as individuals, and how we affect the world around us. Clients appreciate our approach to corporate responsibility and it plays a key role in why we are selected as a preferred partner. Our approach to corporate responsibility covers three main areas: 

Our Colleagues – working together to achieve our potential
We spend a great deal of time at work and therefore work plays a significant role in who we are and how we behave. Pekin & Pekin understands that the key to a successful law firm is fulfilled employees and aims to make the Firm a place where people want to work and where they respect and value each other. Focus areas: diversity, professional development and personal development.

The Firm’s gender split is 49% male - 51% female (legal staff: 45% male - 55% female, support staff: 60% male - 40% female)

Our Community - working together to enhance lives
As an international business we consider our community to be both local and global, and we encourage our people to get involved in projects where they believe they can make a difference and for legal staff to increase access to justice. Focus areas: pro bono both as a Firm and as a personal endeavour, charity, culture, arts and education.

The Firm was nominated for Thomson Reuters Foundation Global Pro-Bono Innovation Award (2013)

Our Environment - working together to reduce our environmental impact
Waste minimisation awareness is key at Pekin & Pekin and we empower our staff to make a difference in reducing the Firm’s environmental impact. Focus areas: IT hardware energy efficiency and lifespan extension, recycling waste paper and reducing paper waste, using environmentally-friendly paper for everyday printing and brochure production.

We print an average of 360,000 pages every year. By using double-sided printing, we can save 21 trees per year.