Global Reach

Pekin & Pekin has an extensive network, from legal associations to professional bodies and law firms. This network is essential for client development, knowledge sharing, best practice, referrals and deal execution.

Legal Associations

As the only Turkish law firm to be admitted to the associations Lex Mundi, Pekin & Pekin has an extensive legal network.

  • Lex Mundi: More than 21,000 lawyers in 100+  countries worldwide.  

Each member firm in this network is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation by cooperating on cross-border transactions, sharing their particular market knowledge with other members and improving standards of service in the legal profession. The checks and balances in place ensure member firms achieve the standards expected of such memberships and that clients have confidence in their choice of legal counsel. Explore the Lex Mundi Service Standards that Pekin & Pekin must abide with.

Professional Bodies

Pekin & Pekin is an associate member and local counsel to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and counsel to the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Securities Lending and Repo Committee (SLRC) Capital Adequacy Directive Working Group. The Firm is an affiliate of the Futures and Options Association (FOA).

Law Firms

We have longstanding links with global law firms as their Turkish legal counsel. In addition to the Magic Circle and US firms, Pekin & Pekin has formed strong bonds with other firms as their clients have entered the Turkish market. The geographical location of these new firms is wide, from Norway to Japan and India to the United Arab Emirates. The interest in Turkey as a key emerging market will ensure that our legal network becomes increasingly wider as new firms require Turkish legal counsel.