Working together to reduce our environmental impact

 Waste minimisation awareness is key at Pekin & Pekin and we empower our staff to make a difference.

“Shut Down”

 The IT Department campaign “Shut Down!” has raised awareness of the energy and costs savings each person can make by switching off lights, shutting down laptops and turning off printers.


The Firm ensures that any new equipment, supplies and IT hardware conforms to the latest standards in energy usage and quality management.

  • LCD monitors: Our flat panel liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors versus conventional CRT monitors provide power savings of up to 70% and have double the lifespan of CRT laptops. LCDs also produce less heat, which means less load on our air conditioning.
  • Energy saving lighting system: Our low-energy LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than a regular light bulb and 30% less than other energy saving lamps.
  • Multi Function Devices (MFD): The Firm uses multi-function devices consolidating printers/copiers/scanners and faxes reducing our energy consumption.

Environment Friendly Printing

We selected printers with exceptional environmentally friendly features.

  • Low-toxic toners: With HP’s new low toxic toners our printers have less toner emission
  • Duplex printing: All printers are able print to both sides of paper - if you print 1,000 pages per week on both sides you can save 3 trees per year and save up to €132 annually.
  • Sleep mode: Our printers automatically go into sleep mode during periods of inactivity using ultra-low energy.

Our new Pekin & Pekin brochures are all printed on recycled paper – every way to reduce our impact counts.


As a law firm one of our key environmental impacts is paper. We are obliged to print every email and document in addition to soft copy filing, which creates a significant amount of waste. Therefore the Firm has tackled this from two sides:

  • Recycling: We have a paper recycling scheme where paper-only bins are delivered for sorting and recycling.
  • Environment friendly printing: We print an average of 30,000 sheets of paper per month, totalling 360,000 per year. Using double-sided printing we can save 21 trees per year.

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