Mine Uzun

Mine Uzun

Dispute Resolution

Mine joined Pekin & Pekin in 2018 as a Partner with the Dispute Resolution team of the Firm.

She mainly represents and advises international clients from different sectors; including but not limited to, real estate, intellectual property, consumer products, online retailers.

She  is rendering legal services to Fortune 500 Global and American corporations and various banks and corporations based Asia, Europe and The Far East. She has extensive expertise in serving as a legal consultant for domestic and foreign corporations on the fields such as Commercial Law, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Postpone of  Bankruptcy, Contract Law, Obligation Law, Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property (Trademark, Patent, Copyrights and Geopraphical Signs), Insurance Law, Administrative Law, Banking Law, Criminal Law, Media Law and Arbitration.

Mine, was awarded her graduate degree (2000) from İstanbul University Law Faculty and is a member of Istanbul Bar Association since 2001. She has 2 (two) masters degrees in, Human Rights Law and Economic Law in İstanbul Bilgi University.

Mine has a book published under the name of "Poverty Alimony within Turkish Civil Code and Court of Appeal’s Decision " and also two thesis, unpublished, under the name of “Avoid of Information and Documentation’s Submission which is crime type within the Article 47 Code of Capital Markets” and “Pecuniary And Non-Pecuniary Damages Based On Divorce According To The Turkish Civil Code (“TCC”) And Court Of Appeals’ Decisions”. Further, she is the author of number of articles written on different subjects.

She is a registered trademark attorney of Turkish Patent Institute since 2001, and she is licensed for supervising all procedures regarding the registration and protection of Trademarks and Industrial Designs.

In addition, she is as a registered mediator of Ministry of Justice Mediation Chairmanship.

Mine is also serving as official expert and liquidator.

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