Main Practice Teams

Pekin & Pekin lawyers advise most prominent companies in global finance, energy, manufacturing and service sectors, as well as companies operating in niche sectors and emerging industries on their most complex and sophisticated transactions.

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Dispute Resolution
The Dispute Resolution practice is the largest in Pekin & Pekin providing its clients with a wide range of services.
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Banking & Finance Banking & Finance
Pekin & Pekin has a world class Banking & Finance practice team.
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Corporate M/A Corporate M/A
The Pekin & Pekin Corporate / M&A team possesses expertise on a wide range of corporate laws, commercial transactions and business sectors.
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Tax Tax
The majority of commercial transactions have a tax element and these tax considerations often impact and guide the outcome of a transaction. As corporations react to the global economic crisis, tax efficient structures have become more crucial. Learn More...
Capital Markets Capital Markets
The Capital Markets practice team offers traditional services and specific advice on products and finance structures unique to the Turkish market.
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