Taxation of Cross-border Dividends - Turkey-Netherlands

Full title: Turkish Council of State's Resolution Regarding the Taxation of Cross-border Dividends Pursuant to the Netherlands-Turkey Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaty

Date: August 2009

Publication: Emerging Issues Analysis - Lexis Nexis

Excerpt: Residency governs when assessing the availability of the reduced 5% withholding tax rate on dividends to be paid out by Turkey-resident entities to their Netherlands-resident shareholders. As the Turkish Council of State does not qualify branch structures as Turkey-resident under the Dutch Treaty, non-resident investors should consider incorporating their Turkish branches or restructuring their investments under alternative treaties such as the Spanish Treaty.

Download: Lexis Nexis Pekin & Pekin Taxation of Cross Border Dividends

Contributor: Ali Şanver: Tax

Published on: August 2009

The Bank Finance and Regulation Survey on Security over Collateral

Date: July 2009 

Publishers: Lex Mundi Banking & Finance Practice Group

Excerpt: The Bank Finance and Regulation Survey on Security over Collateral was conducted by members of the Lex Mundi Banking and Finance Practice Group... The survey presents jurisdictional overviews on security interests in general, the collateral which may granted as security and certain interesting effects in more than 50 jurisdictions around the globe to banks accepting collateral.

Contributors: Mete Yeğin, Ali Can Kolay, Gözde Çankaya, Fuat Tuaç, Sezin Akoğlu and Tunç Sözen: Banking & Finance

Download: Complete survey - see p406 for Turkey

Published on: July 2009

The young Turks - Turkish legal market

Date: March 2009

PublicationLegal Business

Synopsis: Fethi Pekin comments on the changing Turkish legal market, restrictions to the entrance of non-Turkish firms and how the older firms need to change in order to remain competitive.

Link: Legal Business

Contributor: Fethi Pekin: Managing Partner



Published on: July 2009

Labour Newsletter March 2009 Hiring Employees

Date: March 2009

Publishers: TerraLex

Synopsis: Our Employment Law lead lawyer, Gülnisa Coşkun, contributes the Turkey section in our association TerraLex’s “Labour Newsletter March 2009 Hiring Employees”.

Download: International Labour Law Newsletter March 2009

Contributor: Gülnisa Coşkun: Employment

Published on: April 2009

Global Companies Finding Shelter in the Law

Date: 23 August 2008

Publication: Referans

Synopsis: Ahmed Pekin comments on the developments in the Turkish legal market and the economy.

Download Referans Aug 2008 (English)

Contributor: Ahmed Pekin: Senior Partner

Published on: April 2009

Turkey: Elections Spur Actions

Full title: Mergers & acquisitions - National anti-crisis measures - Emergency politics: Turkey - Elections spur actions

Date: March 2009

Publication: Finance

Excerpt: In Turkey, the financial crisis has not only affected the economy but also politics: The elections scheduled for March 29, 2009 have encouraged the ruling party AKP to vamp up the anti-crisis measures. It has cut gas prices, a primary drag on competitiveness, by 17 per cent for households and 18 per cent for industrial use, effective as of February 1, 2009.

DownloadFinance EE

Contributor: Erdem Egemen: Corporate/M&A

Published on: April 2009

Turkey country overview 2009

Date: January 2009

Publication: Chambers Global Guide 2009

Excerpt: The Republic of Turkey is the 37th largest country in the world, with an area of around 780,000km2 and a population of around 71 million.  Its strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East presents Turkey with unique investment and trading advantages.

Download: Turkey country overview 2009

Contributor: Richard Romney: Banking & Finance

Published on: April 2009

Turkey: Built for change

Date: 1 October 2008

Publication: International Financial Law Review

Synopsis: Turkey’s position in relation to the present financial crisis.

Link: The 2008 Guide to Energy & Project Finance

Contributors: Mete Yeğin and Richard Romney: Banking & Finance

Published on: April 2009

Asset-backed securitisation in Turkey

Date: January 2008

Publication: Global Securitisation and Structured Finance

Excerpt: This chapter examines the Turkish legal issues involved in an international credit card receivables securitisation.

Download: Global Securitisation and Structured Finance 2008

Contributors: Ahmed Pekin, Fethi Pekin and Sinan Borovali: Banking & Finance

Published on: April 2009

Islamic Banking Transactions and Sukuk

Date: October 2007

Publication: Asialaw

Synopsis: A primer on Islamic Finance, Islamic banking transactions and sukuk.

DownloadAsialaw Corporate Finance Review

Contributor: Vural Günal: Advisory

Published on: April 2009