International Bank and Other Guarantees Handbook

Date: 18 October 2011

Publication: International Bank and Other Guarantees Handbook (Africa and Middle East Volume)

Publishers: Wolters Kluwer Law and Business

Link: Available here

The Pekin & Pekin Finance team contributed the Turkey chapter to the latest edition of The International Bank and Other Guarantees Handbook, which provides a practical examination of the laws of 19 countries (and groups of countries) in the Middle East and Africa regions in respect to bank and other guarantees. It also contains, among other things, various guarantees forms. The aim of each country-specific chapter of the Handbook is to provide actionable information designed to guide legal or other practitioners in such jurisdiction.

 Contributors: İrem Su, Arzu Basmacı, Banking & Finance

Published on: October 2011

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers - Turkey

Date: 23 July 2010

Publishers: Wolters Kluwer

Publisher Information

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers provides a one-stop guide to the local practical issues involved. Some of the world's most distinguished law firms, each of them identified as a leading firm in the mergers and acquisitions field in their own country, offer a rich source of information and advice on domestic issues arising on M&A transactions.

The book has been restructured and expanded to cover all the most significant economies in the world (some 50 countries in all). The work is kept up-to-date by regular supplements, which track the key changes and developments in national laws and practice affecting mergers and acquisitions. The work now offers a truly global coverage.

Link: Access chapter for Turkey here

Contributor: Ayça Sevimay and the Corporate Team

Published on: July 2010

Vertical Agreements 2010

Date: 6 May 2010

Publishers: Law Business Research

Synopsis: The latest Global Competition Review publication Vertical Agreements reviews in question format the regulation of distribution practices in 42 jurisdictions worldwide. Pekin & Pekin contributed the Turkey chapter.

Link: Chapter is available to subscribers here

Contributor: Okan Or, Competition

Published on: May 2010

Infrastructure Finance: Trends And Techniques

Date: May 2008

Publisher: Euromoney Institutional Investor

Abstract: Infrastructure financing, while laying foundations for financial progress and enhancement of the population's living conditions, sustains emerging and transition countries in providing basic economic and social infrastructure. However, experience shows that the creation, restoration and modernisation of infrastructure through projects that are environmentally conscious, in harmony with social fabric, economically feasible, and not against the political realities of the country in concern, is a long and winding road. In this context, innovative financial structures to deal with a wide spectrum of contractual, political, market, and credit risks are very much required.

Link: Infrastructure Financing in Turkey

Contributors: Mete Yeğin and Fuat Tuaç: Banking & Finance

Published on: June 2009

Securities over Receivables – An International Handbook

Date: 25 September 2008

Publishers: Oxford University Press

Synopsis: A practical guide to the key issues involved in taking security over receivables in 39 jurisdictions. Adopting a jurisdiction by jurisdiction structure, each chapter examines the key matters to consider when taking security over debts in a particular region.

Link: Securities over Receivables

Contributers: Ali Can Kolay, Gözde Çankaya and Tunç Sözen: Banking & Finance

Published on: April 2009