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Q2-2012 Highway Tolls & Tariffs

The Regulation on the Determination and Application of Toll Tariffs for Highways under the Jurisdiction of the General Directorate of Highways and Access Controlled Highways (numbered 28292 published May 14, 2012) outlines procedures and principles for the calculation of toll tariffs.

Published on: July 2012

Q2/2009 Authorization for rendering electronic communication services and establishing networks and infrastructures

The Regulation on Authorisation Regarding the Electronic Communications Sector entered into force on 28 May 2009 with retrospective application as of 10 May 2009. The Regulation provides the principles and procedures of authorisation and the rights and obligations of the authorised operators in detail. Article 5 of the Regulation states that the provision of electronic communications services and/or the establishment and operation of electronic communications networks or infrastructures shall be subject to the obtainment of authorization from the Information Systems and Communications Authority, in light of the strategies and policies of the Ministry of Transportation.

Published on: July 2009

Q1/2009 Infrastructure real estate investment trusts

The Communiqué on Infrastructure Real Estate Investment Trusts (Serial No. VI/24) was enacted on 29 January 2009 introducing the concept of "infrastructure real estate investment trusts" and special provisions in relation to incorporation, organisation, portfolio management and public offering, along with scope and prohibited activities and the investments of these trusts.

Published on: July 2009