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Q4/2009 New principles for TEDAŞ public procurements

The Regulation on the Purchase of Goods and Services by the General Directorate of Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation (TEDAŞ) and its Affiliated Distribution Companies within the scope of the Article 3(g) of the Public Procurement Law (published in the Official Gazette dated 11 November 2009 and numbered 27403) has been enacted. Accordingly, this regulation envisages provisions in relation to contracts to be executed (with a maximum value of TL5,372,850) by some state-owned and/or public entities for the purchase of goods and the obtainment of services to be used for the procurement of production or main activity needs that fall within the scope of commercial and industrial activities as identified in the Public Procurement Law (Law No: 4734). Furthermore, the Regulation stipulates principles in relation to fee calculation methods, obtainment procedures, public procurement types, framework agreements, public procurement documents, approval procedures, the advertisement and announcement of public procurements, prerequisites, collateral, forms of letter of tenders, price advantages, financial, professional and technical capabilities sought from offerers, and other related matters.

Published on: February 2010

Q3/2009 "Bidder" defined

The Regulation on Tender Applications (published in the Official Gazette dated 3 January 2009 and numbered 27296) was amended on 22 July 2009. Amendments delineate the provisions as to the rights of bidders during tenders involving framework agreements and individual agreements. Furthermore, the term “bidder” is defined in light of the amendments.


Published on: November 2009

Q1/2009 More land for tourism investments

The Communiqué Regarding the Allocation of Public Immovable Property for Tourism Investment, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has been partially amended in light of the Communiqué published in the Official Gazette (numbered 27141 and dated 14 February 2009). This Communiqué covers provisions on the allocation and instructions to investors in case of the annulment of tourism investment certificates.

Published on: July 2009

Q1/2009 Tender objections

The Regulation on the Applications for Tenders has been enacted, effective as of 4 January 2009, except for the sections 3-7 of Article 24 which will be effective as of 5 March 2009.

This Regulation has introduced the procedures and principles governing complaints and objections with respect to transactions or actions contemplated during the tenders falling into the scope of the Public Procurement Law published in the Official Gazette (numbered 24648 and dated 22 June 2002) being contrary to the law.

Published on: July 2009