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Q3/2016 Transportation, Logistics & Defence

The Airports Ground Services Regulation has been published in Official Gazette dated August 23, 2016 and numbered 29810. Upon publication of the new regulation, Airport Ground Operations Regulation (published in Official gazette dated August 28, 1996 and numbered 22741) has been abolished.

The new regulation stipulates Type A, B and C work certificates and authorizations and obligations of the legal entities having aforementioned certificates and providing ground services. The new regulation also stated the authorization of domestic and foreign air carriers and special authorizations separately. The procedures and principles of the work certificate application and evaluation process are the other important topics regulated under the new regulation. The new regulation regulates the improper actions under the topic of “sanctions” differently from the former regulation. 

Published on: October 2016

Q3/2015 A New Regulation on the Registration of Railway Vehicles

The Regulation on Registration and Record of Railway Vehicles (published in the Official Gazette dated July 16, 2015 and numbered 29418) has become effective on July 16, 2015, accordingly abolished the Regulation on Technical Acceptance of Freight Wagons and Major Components of Wagons Domestically Produced by Third Parties. This Regulation governs the mandatory registration of railway vehicles which are domestically produced or imported and used by private parties in the railway infrastructure system.

Published on: October 2015

Q3/2013 International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001

Turkey is to be a party to The Convention by means of declaration of Council of Ministers’ Decision as per the decision of Council of Ministers on International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage (published in the Official Gazette dated July 27, 2013 numbered 28720).

Published on: November 2013

Q3/2013 Multinational Agreement Executed by Turkey: RACVIAC

Turkey has become a party to the Center for Security Cooperation which aims to provide arms control training, promote confidence and security building measures and broaden cooperation in South Eastern Europe with the decision of Council of Ministers on Center for Security Cooperation RACVIAC Providers (published in the Official Gazette dated July 26, 2013 numbered 28719).

Published on: November 2013

Q3/2013 Hydroplanes

The Regulation on Air Transportation Operations by Hydroplanes (published in the Official Gazette dated July 23, 2013 and numbered 28716) issued by General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Flying permit shall be obtained for landing and departing on the water from General Directorate. The registration of flights and granting operation license is regulated under the Regulation.

Published on: November 2013

Q1-2013 Seaports

The Regulation on Seaports (published in the Official Gazette date October 31, 2012 numbered 28453) has been amended on February 27, 2013. The amendments are with respect to the articles on ship berthing and mooring rules, the notification obligation regarding hazardous loads and prohibited activities.

Published on: May 2013

Q1-2012 Air Travel

Civil Aviation Safety Management System Regulation was enacted on January 13, 2012 introducing certain safety measures in parallel with the ICAO Document 9859, which includes safety policies and safety risk management.

Published on: April 2012

Q4-2011 Transfer of Operating Rights Obligation

The Regulation on Airport Construction, Operation and Certification (published in the Official Gazette dated May 14, 2002 and numbered 24755) has been amended on October 2, 2011. Pursuant to the amendment, if the operational rights of an airport has been transferred to another entity, such entity is obliged to obtain the relevant airport operational license within one year.

Published on: January 2012

Q4-2011 Airplane Passenger Rights

The Regulation on the Rights of Persons Travelling by Air Transportation (published in the Official Gazette dated December 3, 2011 and numbered 28131) covers the rights of airplane passengers during flights. This Regulation brings new provisions regarding the protection of airplane passengers through particular compensation regarding delays in flights or cancellations.

Published on: January 2012

Q4-2011 Sea Planes

The Regulation on Air Transportation Services by Sea Planes (published in the Official Gazette dated October 2, 2011 and numbered 28072) has been enacted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. This Regulation sets out the principles for transportation services conducted by sea planes.

Published on: January 2012